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Breaking News: New Study Confirms CBD is Effective Medicine

Please Share CBD Medical JournalNEJM Medical Study: CBD has been found effective in reducing seizures in young children with severe, drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. Over a 14 week trial, 120 patients where given either a placebo or a 20 mg does of cannabidiol (CBD). Those that received CBD during the trial, reported a 50% drop in the number of weekly seizures. The median average number of seizures dropped from 12.4 to 5.9 per week.


Moreover, 5% of patients saw total remission – 0 seizures!

Among those that received CBD, 5% stopped having seizures altogether. Consider this: there is currently no FDA-approved treatment for Dravet syndrome. None. And now CBD has the potential to become the first and only medicine found effective to treat a form of epilepsy so severe that it kills 1 in 5 by age 20.

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Portland White Stag Sign Marijuana Investment

Marijuana Investment in Oregon likely to top $100 Million in 2017

Portland, Oregon  |  Marijuana Investment Soars


commercial indoor grow
Commercial Indoor Grow

Marijuana investment in Oregon has exceeded $80 million in the past 6 months alone, according to Senator Prozanski – who sits on Oregon’s Marijuana Regulation Committee.


The senator recently spoke with NW NPR and was quoted as saying, “The numbers we just received by phone says in the last six months there’s $60m to $80 million dollars have gone into start-ups.”


What types of new marijuana start-ups might be coming to Oregon?

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Vermont Gov Veto Marijuana Legalization

Vermont NOT to be 9th state to Legalize Marijuana


Breaking News

Update: Gov. Phil Scott Vetoes marijuana legalization!

In a highly anticipated press conference in Montpelier, Vt., Gov. Phil Scott announces he will veto the legislation that would have made Vermont the 9th state to legalize marijuana!


The House only passed the measure by 13 votes two weeks ago. Given the tight margin, it is unlikely that Vermont lawmakers will muster the support to override the governor’s veto.

Original article below…

Montpelier, Vermont – Vermont is on track to become ninth state to legalize marijuana.


marijuana buds falling out jar
Vermont Legislature Legalizes Marijuana  | Will Governor Veto?

Last week, Vermont legislators approved legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. If not vetoed (Gov does not need to sign law), Vermont will become the ninth state to legalize marijuana and the first to legalize via legislation as opposed to the ballot box.


Governor Phil Scott Vermont
Governor Phil Scott Vermont

The measure is set to take effect in July 2018 and would allow adults (21+) to purchase and possess marijuana. Although Gov. Phil Scott can still veto this measure, he has indicated that he is not opposed to the legislation. The governors’ principle concern has been in regards to public safety on the states roads and highways.

Governor Scot has until tomorrow, May 24th – Wednesday to veto the measure, or it will become law.

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News- WSU Pot Study May 2017

Medical Study: Get paid to smoke marijuana


Medical Research Study  |  Washington State University

PULLMAN, WashingtonVolunteers will get paid to smoke pot – in the interests of Medicine, of course.


guy lighting jointAs part of a project to help keep America’s roads safer, WSU is asking for volunteers to take part in a medical study designed to develop an effective marijuana breathalyzer test.


Residents of Pullman, Washington who are 21 years and older, can volunteer to participate and earn $30 for their first hour and $10 each additional hour engaged in the study.



What do I have to do?


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Marijuana Sex ED THC CBDmj v3

Marijuana, Alcohol and Sex: ED, THC and CBD



It’s Friday night, and you and your partner are looking forward to a night of

dancing, romance, great food and even better sex.

You start with a glass of merlot or a fine cabernet expertly paired with your meal.


Marijuana Sex ED THC Inside Pick


Then you add a twist You offer up a handcrafted confection of ginger dark chocolate, made from with a 120 MG of both THC and CBD from KIVA confections. The superb dark chocolate doesn’t disappoint, with sweet notes of ginger and spice, the THC and CBD is easily disguised and, as it turns out, proves to be an exceptional aperitif.


Sexual desire, the ability to perform, even your sexual experience is all governed by your emotional, physical and mental state. Alcohol and marijuana affect these states quite differently. Knowing the difference might just influence which you decide to reach for next time.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to shift mental states a bit during a night out, by having a drink or a smoke.


Which is the better aphrodisiac, marijuana or alcohol?



Alcohol and Sex


Did you know that long term use of alcohol can lead to sexual dysfunction?1,3



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Five Low-THC Marijuana Strains

Five Top Low-THC Marijuana Strains

What do the elderly, sick children, military veterans, professional athletes and possibly even mom and dad, all have in common?

They are all part of a growing number of Americans who look to cannabidiol (CBD) from marijuana and hemp as an important daily nutrient that they believe can keep them healthier, stronger and better protected and able to take on what life throws at them.

Be sure to check our companion article (Five Top High-CBD Marijuana Strains), for background on CBD, THC and the potential medical benefits they offer. You will also find great advice on which high-CBD marijuana strains you might want to try for back pain, anxiety, or even to strengthen your bones.

Medical Marijuana in Two Minutes, by Dr Sanjay Gupta

For the elderly, low-THC marijuana can be a great way to scale back the number and/or potency of the prescriptions they take on a regular basis. A recent study published by Health Affairs, authors Bradford and Bradford suggest that the U.S. could save several billion dollars annually if marijuana where legalized nationwide.


The notion is rooted in the fact that medical marijuana availability is strongly correlated with a significant decline in the overall number of prescriptions filled in a particular community. The authors found that a 2% drop in medicaid prescription expenses could be achieved by simply legalizing medical marijuana across the nation.


A 2% drop in prescription costs translates into big savings for state and federal government, and underscores the powerfully positive impact marijuana can have on society. For more details on how this is possible, check out this article I wrote on the subject for the CBD Business Blog in April (READ: Federal Legalization of Medical Marijuana Could Save Government $3.8 Billion).

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Five Top High CBD Strains v2

Five Top High-CBD Marijuana Strains

Let me introduce you to my little friends…


Marijuana contains two dominant cannabinoids,
THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is known to produce the ‘high’ associated with consuming marijuana, along with providing several medical benefits such as pain control, relief from severe nausea, and powerful appetite stimulation. It’s also being studied for use in insomnia, glaucoma and as a potential asthma treatment.

Sour Tsunami High-CBD Marijuana

CBD, on the other hand, is considered to be non-psychoactive (it won’t get you high) and has few known side-effects. CBD too has many known medical benefits, including neuropathic pain control, as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-epileptic, and it has significant neuroprotective qualities. CBD is even being investigated as a possibly bone strengthener.


Looking for the ultimate list? | The TOP 15 High-CBD Strains in the World?


CBD is also known to counteract ‘THC-induced’ anxiety, anxiety some users experience when consuming high-THC marijuana.

Related: Five Top Low-THC Marijuana Strains

A high-CBD marijuana strain is a cannabidiol rich variety of cannabis that may or may not contain high levels of THC. And not every harvest of a particular strain will consistently produce identical CBD-rich phytochemical profiles. CBD and THC levels are strongly influenced by the environment within which they are grown. Subtle changes can produce dramatic changes to a plant’s phytochemistry.



The Top 15 High-CBD Marijuana Strains
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Harlequin high-CBD marijuana
Harlequin Marijuana

Great for pain management, Harlequin is a sativa dominant strain grown by crossing an indica Thai, Swiss Landrace and Colombia Gold strains. Typically 5:2 CBD:THC ratio with minimal psychological effects, and a generally clear-headed, relaxing expression without significant sleepiness.

Also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, many medical users with arthritis, joint pain and even fibromyalgia seem to benefit greatly from this particular strain. Good to combat nausea and encourage one’s appetite.

Predominant Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Humulene.


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Marijuana for Pets

Medical Marijuana for Pets | CBD Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Is Your Pet on Pot? | Maybe it should be.

Dog Medical Marijuana CBD
Medical Marijuana | Hemp CBD for Dogs?

“Max is a great dog. I wouldn’t trade him for the world. The poor guy has got aches and pains that make it tough for him to get up and move around. I just hate to see him in any pain…
I’ve tried prescription medications, but all they seem to do is make him sleep all day.

Help, what can I do?

Many dogs and cats suffer from nervousness, joint pain, stiffness, and poor appetite – especially as they get older. Your veterinarian does have medications that Fido and Buttons can try. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on veterinarian services for their ailing pets. Unfortunately, all too often these medications are costly, prove ineffectual and come with a host of unpleasant side-effects.


Pet lovers are looking to natural remedies and nutritional supplements as an alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals. For chronic pet problems like pain, joint inflammation and poor appetite, marijuana seems like a natural alternative. Using marijuana as a medicine is nothing new for conditions like these. The Cannabis plant, derived originally from Central Asia, has been widely used for a variety of medicinal purposes for many, many thousands of years. However, things get a bit more prickly when it comes to treating your pet, responsibly, with marijuana.


Cannabis contains a cornucopia of powerful, biologically active phytochemicals, including cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and THCV (and others), as well as potent terpenes and flavonoids. Perhaps, that’s a little much to throw at your little Puddles, just because he tinkles when he gets stressed?

So, Should Mr. Bentley try Pot or not?

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