New Discovery: CBD Inhibits Hepatitis Virus

Pharmacognosy ResearchIn a research paper published in the recent edition of the highly respected Pharmacognosy Research Journal, Dr. Lowe – an adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM), concludes that CBD (extracted from marijuana and hemp) demonstrates significant antiviral properties against the Hepatitis C Virus in vitro, and Hepatitis B in vivo.


A cost effective treatment for the more than 3 million Americans who suffer from the hepatitis C virus (HCV) may now be on the horizon. Researchers have discovered that the phytochemical CBD inhibits HCV. HCV is the leading cause of liver cancer, an aggressive cancer with a high mortality rate that will kill more than 20,000 in the U.S. this year alone.


Most studies on CBD focus on the powerful anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties of the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). As a result, little has been researched regarding the anti-viral activity of CBD. That is, until now.


Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)When Dr. Lowe combined CBD and HCV in the lab, he discovered that the CBD isolate inhibited replication of HCV by as much 86.4% with a single application.

These direct antiviral effects indicate that CBD could be effective against both viral and nonviral hepatitis – known as autoimmune hepatitis. Since CB2 receptors are present in immune and immune-derived cells, their activation is highly likely to influence viral infections by enhancing the way our body fights against the hepatitis virus. By modulating the body’s CB2 receptors, CBD helps bolster our own immune response – to better fight off a viral infection.


Dr. Lowe observed no antiviral effects of CBD on the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in vitro. However, a review of clinical research indicates that CBD may prove to be antiviral against HBV in vivo – through CB2 receptor modulation – thereby facilitating host immune processes to modulate immune responses to both HCV and HBV.


A cure for Hepatitis C already exists. The problem is that costs nearly $100,000 for a full 12 week course of medication. These new HCV drugs can reduce the viral load to zero with limited side-effects, but the costs are prohibitive for most.


Only more research will determine the efficacy of CBD in treating and preventing hepatitis. Stay tuned to the CBD Medical Journal for the latest on CBD antiviral research, and much, much more about the emerging therapeutic effects of CBD.


Dr. Lowe, in addition to his teaching position at UMSOM, is also the founder of three biotech companies and the Bio-Tech R&D Institute, also holds several postdoctoral studies from Harvard and M.I.T.


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Five Top High CBD Strains

15 High-CBD Marijuana Strains Feature
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XiBiDi Biotech Feature Imagev2

Chinese Biotech Company XiBiDi to develop Hemp based CBD Oil

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San Gabriel, CA USA | Pudong, Shanghai China


Chinese Investors.com, Inc. (CIIX-OTCQB), headquartered in San Gabriel, CA and traded publicly in the U.S. since 2012, is undergoing a major transformation. CIIX is entering the cannabidiol (CBD) based nutrition and health product marketplace, by establishing a new corporate entity called XiBiDi Biotechnology Co. LTD.


XiBiDi, which sounds similar to CBD when pronounced (a homophonic) in English, has been established in the Pudong free-trade area of Shanghai. A location that puts it within market reach of more than 1.4 billion potential customers. XiBiDi has plans to sell more than CBD oils, it also has plans to sell hemp-based food and beverages.


CIIX and XiBiDi recently launched an online store, www.chineseCBDoil.com, focused on Chinese speaking consumers worldwide. The company claims that its “intimate knowledge and penetration of the native Chinese speaker in the U.S. and abroad, makes for an enormous and niche opportunity.”


Extending this vision even further,  CIIX has also launched the world’s first Chinese language iOS app. The app, already approved for download by the Apple Store, is a “Yelp” style database of marijuana dispensaries and strains.


What’s next for CIIX? 

A retail store actually. CIIX plans to open a hemp based retail store in San Gabriel, CA. The company plans to import hemp-based products from China and export hemp food and beverages in to the United States, Canada and Europe. Wow, that’s quite a niche market!


How Big is the CBD Market?

The CBD market has grown from obscurity to an estimated $200+ million in consumer sales in 2015. By 2020, the CBD market alone is expected to exceed $2.1 billion – a CAGR of nearly 80%!


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Wisconsin Legalizes CBD CBDMJ

Wisconsin expands access to Cannabis


2017 Wisconsin Act 4 – Possession of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Wisconsin inched a bit closer to real medical marijuana legislation earlier this year, when it passed a bill that legalized the possession of CBD oil. The new legislation, signed into law by Governor Scott Walker last April, allows for the possession of cannabidiol – a marijuana extract used to ameliorate a myriad of diseases and disorders.


CBD-Medical-Rec-doctor-smallThe new legislation (Senate Bill 10) builds on an earlier bill that allowed for the use/possession of CBD exclusively for the treatment of a seizure disorder. The current legislation, which went into effect on April 19, 2017 expands the applicable medical conditions from just epilepsy – to any medical condition deemed appropriate by your physician. Unfortunately, you will still need a physician’s letter of recommendation (renewed annually) in your possession to comply with the new law.


The new legislation also allows for an approved pharmacy or physician to dispense CBD. The CBD dispensed must be non-psychoactive (contain less than ~0.3% THC), and the pharmacy or physician must be approved by the Controlled Substances Board.





Marijuana Use Linked to Healthier BMI & Blood Pressure

Breaking Science Report | Marijuana linked to lowered BMI and BP




Two new medical studies recently published, add to the growing body of evidence that marijuana can be a sensible part of a active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.


CBD lowers Blood Pressure

The first study, published just this month in JCI Insight – a respected non-profit, peer-reviewed biomedical journal, demonstrated that consuming just a single dose of cannabidiol (CBD) safely lowered one’s resting blood pressure. In this double-blind study, 9 health men were administered 600 mg of CBD or a placebo (randomized). Those participants that received CBD, saw on average a 6 point drop in their resting blood pressure! And that’s not all, CBD also diminished the raise in blood pressure associated with various stresses – all the while maintaining normal cardiac output.


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Heavy Marijuana Use Correlates with Healthier BMI

Muscle-Skeleton-PosingIn the second study, published this past March in the Archives of Osteoporosis, researches  at the Oregon Health and Science University concluded that heavy marijuana users (defined as 5 times per month) correlated with a lower, healthier Body Mass Index (BMI). Researchers also revelaed that regular marijuana users are generally more physically active than those that use less marijuana or abstain completely.

Researchers have observed this connection before. Published last year in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, researchers discovered that daily marijuana users had, on average, a 3% lower BMI than non marijuana users. The women fared a bit better than men in this study. Women averaged 3.1% lowerBMI, while men had an average 2.7% lowered BMI.


The Consequences of a high BMI

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Franken-Paul-Feature Image Legislation

Breaking: Senators Rand Paul, Al Franken Introduce Major Marijuana Reform


Washington, D.C. | June 2017


Attorney General Sessions has reportedly been applying pressure to both Democratic and Republican lawmakers recently, in an apparent effort to rally support for his plan to reduce and eliminate current federal protections for medical marijuana businesses and consumers – that ARE abiding by state law.


Marijuana Reformers Sen Franken Rand

Senators Al Franken and Rand Paul have formed an unlikely duo – to fight this insanity and to support important new marijuana reform legislation.


Legislation that would:

  • reschedule marijuana within the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) from I to II,
  • remove cannabidiol (CBD) from the CSA entirely,
  • amend the CSA to exclude state sanctioned medical marijuana from CSA-related control and enforcement (this is a really big one), plus…


prohibit federal banking regulators from:


  • disallowing legitimate marijuana related business from deposit insurance,
  • or otherwise penalizing, prohibiting, or even discouraging a regulating depository institution from providing financial services to state-law abiding marijuana related businesses!


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Exclusive In-Depth Report: Research Suggests Marijuana is Good for Brain Health


CBD Brain Health-Ladder-MarijuanaThe human brain, like any other organ within the body, is susceptible to the ravages of disease, injury and time. Although it is encased in bone and protected with a blood-brain barrier, your brain health is ultimately reliant on your lifestyle, your genetics and your cardiovascular health.


Vascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, are honest predictors of your brain health.  But in addition to your vascular health, your brain’s neuronal health is of extreme importance as well. Your brain is constantly rewiring itself, replacing damaged neurons, removing synaptic toxins, fighting off cellular inflammation and mitigating the damaging effects of oxidation on its delicate tissues.

Firing Neurons Animation | 4 min


Many disease states that effect your brain are believed to stem, in part, from cytotoxins that generate inflammation, oxidation and eventually result in neuronal death. Poor brain health is also tied to many of the leading causes of death in the U.S. 10


So it’s time to start paying attention to your brain health and learn more about what supports a healthy brain. Let’s take a peak at some of the science behind why marijuana (cannabis) is proving to be, good for you and your brain.


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Breaking News: California 2B First Marijuana Sanctuary State?

Sacramento, California  |  Breaking News

This week, California moved closer to becoming the nation’s first “sanctuary state” for marijuana.


The California state Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would prohibit state and local police from assisting federal officers in targeting marijuana businesses that abide by state law. The only exception being if federal agents possess a lawful court order.


“The reason for this is because the present administration in Washington is very unpredictable.” California Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer told CNNMoney.

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Report: Out of 1500 L.A. Marijuana Shops, only 135 are Legal

Grower Anthony Nguyen sells marijuana at the medical marijuana farmers market in Los Angeles
Grower sells at California Heritage Market

Proposition D was passed by Los Angeles voters in 2013. It restricts the number of approved L.A. medical marijuana shops to about 140.


With an estimated 1,500+ weed shops operating in
Los Angeles, which are legal?


So which are legit?

The L.A. Office of Finance, together with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, recently released a map (link) of recognized medical marijuana shops currently operating within the city limits. The map includes 139 weed shops have been granted limited legal immunity from prosecution by the voter approved initiative Prop D.

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