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Part I: Top Six CBD Brands Derived from Marijuana

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A national survey of 2,400 medical marijuana patients was recently conducted by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD. It was one of the largest medical surveys of its kind, delving into the consumer use of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp. As part of the study, medical marijuana patients were asked to list their favorite brands of high-CBD marijuana.


A Fragmented Market

Before we jump into the top six high-CBD marijuana brands, it’s worth noting the enormous diversity currently available. More than 850 different marijuana-derived CBD brands were discovered in the survey results. Two-thirds of the market is extremely fragmented, split among hundreds of various brands.


Why is the market so fragmented? There are likely several factors at work here. Federal prohibition has created a high economic and legal barrier to entry, discouraging mainstream entrepreneurs and existing corporations from entering this burgeoning market. Added to this, are the difficulties in obtaining investment capital and standard business loans, the inordinately high tax burden for cannabis businesses and the very real risk you could go to jail for stepping just outside the state rules and regulations that strictly govern your business. All this adds up to a lot of red tape and cost, a lot of risk, AND as it turns out – quite a lot of opportunity and diversity.


And now, the top Six Marijuana-derived CBD-rich Brands


Number 6Mary’s Medicinals  |  4% of respondents

The winner of multiple awards, Mary’s Medicinals produces some of the finest CBD products in America. For starters, MM produces one of the best transdermal patches on the market – PERIOD. These 2×2 inch squares of bliss provide hours of consistent transdermal dosing. Just apply to a discreet area of the skin for all day or night CBD relief.


Prefer to apply as needed? Mary has you covered with their transdermal pens, each pen contains 50 x 2 mg doses of concentrated  cannabidiol (CBD). Rub it in, and it absorbs right thru your skin – just like the transdermal patches. Mary’s Medicinals also offers vegan, gluten-free CBD capsules for ultimate ease in traveling and medicating.

Mary's Medicinals CBD Gel Pen


Number 5


Bhang  |  4.1% of respondents

Bhang provides customers with a multitude of choice when it comes to enjoying their marijuana-derived CBD offerings.


Bhang CBD Caramel Chocolate Bar is made from 58% dark chocolate cacao, with amazing sweet caramel undertones. It contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and is available in either 60 mg or 100 mg doses (100 mg currently available in Arizona). Bhang also manufactures a large variety of popular cannabis oil vape cartridges. The vast majority are very THC potent. Bhang Black Private Reserve cartridges boast 70 – 95% THC oil concentrations, while their PURE line contains 60 – 70%, and their NATURAL line 30 – 40% THC.


But it is the Bhang CBD line that interests us the most. Bhang CBD cannabis oil cartridges come in two ratios of CBD:THC. I recommend starting with the 1:1 ratio CBD cartridge. It will produce less psychoactive effects than the higher THC dosage. It also happens to be the most frequently used CBD:THC dosing ratio studied by clinical researchers investigated the medical effects of CBD.


Bhang products are independently tested to ensure safety and quality. Bhang chocolate is triple tested for pesticides, microbials and potency. Bhang vape cartridges are labeled with strain, potency and lab testing information – allowing the consumer to view lab tests for a specific product, by jumping online (not available in all states). The lab test results for vape cartridges include information on sample cannabinoid content, microbials, residual solvents and pesticides.


Bhang products are available in CA, WA, NM, AZ, NY, MI and NV, with states such as Colorado, Illinois and Florida coming online soon. You can even find Bhang products in Jamaica, Holland, Spain and Uruguay.


Bhang CBD Vape Chocolate Gum Products



Number 4


Cheeba Chews  |  4.3% of respondents

Cheeba Chews has created a terrifically tasting chocolate taffy, infused with CBD from marijuana, that you just have to try. It is both gluten and peanut free, so those with these sensitivities should be ok. Cheeba CBD chews are available in 10 mg and 80 mg doses. Cheeba Chews also come in potent THC varieties – all quality made ‘medibles’ worth considering.


Cheeba-Chews-Potent-consistent-Discreet 2

All Cheeba Chews are triple tested. The Flower (dried marijuana), The Oil, and The Edible are each tested to ensure quality, potency and safety.




Number 3


Kiva Confections  |  7% of respondents

Kiva Confections creates some of the finest marijuana-derived and CBD infused chocolate available anywhere. Working closely with a select group of marijuana cultivators, Kiva ensures the source of their CBD is natural, healthy and robust.


The CBD found in KIVA Confections comes from one place: cannabis plants grown outdoors, exclusively for KIVA in Mendocino, CA. KIVA’s CBD cannabis grows within the natural ecosystem, leveraging beneficial plants and insects to ensure hearty, thriving and healthy plants.


For example, KIVA cultivators understand that by planting dill, sunflower and white sage – their CBD-rich marijuana plants will benefit from “good” insects like honeybees, wasps and swallowtail butterfly caterpillars, as well as from the hawkmoths and hummingbirds that keep harmful insects at bay.


Now take all that knowledge, passion and earthy goodness and roll it up into a dark chocolate espresso chocolate bar. 15 mg of CBD and THC (1:1) per serving, the KIVA Espresso bar has just the right balance of cannabinoids to provide a calm and relaxing effect.


Espresso not your thing? No problem, KIVA has you covered with a Dark Chocolate Ginger bar that is out of this world! For this bar, KIVA doubled the amount of CBD and THC to 30 mg per serving!


Unfortunately, KIVA CBD chocolates are currently only available in California.




Number 2


Bloom Farms  |  7.8% of respondents

Bloom Farms manufactures Single Origin Reserve CBD oil vape cartridges and CBD-infused Pax Era Oil Pods.  If you vape and want CBD sourced from a specific strain and grow, this is the place for you.

Bloom Farms specializes in CBD oil from single source grows. With Bloom Farms, each CBD variety is sourced from a particular farm and season. When Bloom Farms runs out of a strain, that variety is off the menu and may not return – at least not for another season.


Bloom Farms currently offers two potent high-CBD strains, ACDC and SFV OG. ACDC is currently available from either Mendo Sour Power in Willits, CA and from a separate Bloom Farms grow in Mountain Ranch, CA. SFV OG is currently sourced from Double D Farms out of Laytonville, CA and boasts 10% CBD and 57% THC, a potent mix that is sure to get your attention.

Bloom Farms CBD-80



#1 - Image Red


Care By Design  |  9% of respondents

You’ve made it to the end of the list! The #1 rated marijuana-derived CBD products in America come from Sonoma County, CA – the creation of Care By Design.


Nearly 1 in 10 survey respondents preferred purchasing their CBD-rich cannabis products from Care By Design, who offer sublingual sprays, gel caps, edibles and their highly regarded whole plant cannabis extract vape cartridges. At Care By Design, you can choose to vape high-CBD cartridges that come in 5 different potencies. Their most potent vape cartridge is 18:1 CBD to THC! Also available are 8:1, 4:1, 2:1 and 1:1 CBD to THC concentrations. Ingredients: 100% Cannabis oil.


Care by Design CBD Products

The fun doesn’t stop there.  Care By Design also offers the same potencies in CBD infused sublingual drops. Ingredients: Cannabis oil in a coconut oil base.

If you are looking for more precise dosing, try their sublingual sprays – available in 30 and 90 dose sizes. Or maybe you’re feeling a little devilish? If so, you will want to try their CBD-rich dark chocolate, made with organic cacao beans and organic cocoa butter, plus 100% CBD-rich cannabis oil.


Brownies-Recipe-1-1200Thinking about cooking up a batch of your very own cannabis brownies, chocolate torte or cheesecake extraordinaire? Pick up Care By Design’s Cannabis Extracts available in a 500ml applicator. Just add some of the concentrate to your favorite baked goods recipe (only add a small amount from the applicator to a fat such as butter or margarine when cooking). Be sure to mix well!


Need a good recipe? Try this one – Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies, from the NY Times.


Practice and experimentation will show you the way to your very own amazing high-CBD edibles, coffees, hot toddies and much more. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy some healthy, life-affirming CBD today and everyday!



Care by Design CBD-80


Part II: Top Six CBD Brands Derived from Hemp

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Part II: Top Six CBD Brands Derived from HEMP


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